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Club Marvy blends local values and simplicity with a superb take on every aspect from architecture to gastronomy. Our manifest is nature-awareness and collective goodness of community. 

Marvy Cuisine, located at the heart of Club Marvy, delivers true Aegean gastronomic experience, using local and organically grown ingredients from the first and only organic farm of the region, Değirmen Farm, established in 1995. Marvy Cuisine aims to offer Club Marvy guests a pure gastronomic experience.

Marvy is in total harmony with its surroundings, all natural and genuinely Aegean, simple but charming. Wickerwork of artisans from Söke and Tire, handcrafted bamboo lamps, exclusively woven Buldan textiles and every other detail of the club reflects the modest grace of Marvy.

Buldan cloth, with its healthy texture and durability, has been used in Anatolia for centuries. The colors in Buldan cloths, which are 100% cotton, are inspired by the nature. Dating back to Byzantine, Roman and Hellenistic periods, Buldan fabric is woven on handlooms with raw cotton dyed with natural dyes obtained from walnut tree leaves, liquorice root, tannin, bay leaf, Turkish oak, onion skin, chestnut and buckthorn.

Everything that makes you feel distinguished are here at Marvy Shop..

Marvy Shop offers olives, olive oil, homemade jams and marmalades, molasses, dried vegetables and fruits, pastes, sauces, spices, tea selection, soups, pasta varieties and many more exclusively produced at our Değirmen Farm.

Marvy Shop is a store with a wide array of products, from 100% ecological beach and home textile with Oeko-Tex certificate to straw bags, hats and sandals, personal care products with bergamot scent used in our rooms to candles made of essential oils.

In our online store, you can find all the products you experience at Club Marvy and you can bring the spirit of Marvy to your living space.

The softness of cotton that touches your skin, the scent of bergamot surrounding your bathroom, or the delicate taste of linden tea with lemon will take you to Marvy, to the best moments of your stay…




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