Organic jam is a type of fruit spread or preserve made from organically grown fruits. "Organic" refers to the way the fruits are cultivated and processed, following strict guidelines set by organic farming standards. At Marvy Shop, you can find organic jam varieties produced from fruits grown in our own farm, Yerlim with using traditional agriculture and good farming processes.

Here are some key features of organic jam:

Organic Farming Practices
The fruits used in organic jam are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic farming focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to maintain soil health and biodiversity.

No Synthetic Additives
Organic jam is made without the use of synthetic additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. Instead, natural methods and ingredients are employed to enhance the flavor and shelf life of the jam.

Non-GMO Ingredients
Organic jam is made with fruits that are not genetically modified. This means that the fruits used in the jam have not been genetically engineered or altered in a laboratory.

Minimal Processing
Organic jam typically undergoes minimal processing to retain the natural flavors and nutritional content of the fruits. This can include methods like slow cooking or traditional preservation techniques.

Environmental Considerations
Organic farming practices prioritize environmental sustainability, including soil conservation, water management, and reduced use of synthetic inputs. Choosing organic products, including organic jam, is often seen as a way to support more sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture.

Organic jam comes in a variety of flavors, just like conventional jams. The flavor options depend on the fruits that are used to make the jam. Here are some common organic jam varieties:

Strawberry Jam
A classic favorite, strawberry jam is made from organic strawberries. It has a sweet and tart flavor that pairs well with various dishes, from toast to desserts.

Raspberry Jam
Raspberry jam is crafted from organic raspberries, offering a bold and slightly tart taste. It's versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory applications.

Blueberry Jam
Made from organic blueberries, this jam has a rich, sweet flavor with a hint of tartness. Blueberry jam is delicious on toast, in yogurt, or as a topping for desserts.

Blackberry Jam
Blackberry jam is created from organic blackberries, providing a deep, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor. It's a delightful addition to breakfast items and desserts.

Apricot Jam
Organic apricot jam is made from ripe, organic apricots. It has a unique, sweet-tart taste and is often used in both sweet and savory recipes.

Peach Jam
Peach jam is crafted from organic peaches, offering a luscious and sweet flavor. It's perfect for spreading on toast or as a topping for desserts.

Mixed Berry Jam
This jam combines a variety of organic berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, creating a delightful blend of flavors.

Fig Jam
Fig jam is made from organic figs, providing a unique and sweet taste. It pairs well with cheeses and is a popular choice for charcuterie boards.

Cherry Jam:
Crafted from organic cherries, cherry jam offers a sweet and slightly tart flavor. It's a delicious addition to pastries, desserts, and even savory dishes.

The calorie content of organic jams can vary based on the type of fruit used. Generally, the calorie content is influenced by the natural sugars present in the fruits. One tablespoon (about 20 grams) of organic jam contains on average 30-50 calories.

At Marvy Shop, you can find organic jam varieties according to your taste and usage preference.




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